The Parliamentary Republic Government Structure

The Council

Flag of the Wesmerite Council

Lord President of the Council Sir George Bullard
Chancellor of the Council Lady Sarah Jacobs
Minister for External Affairs John Drake
Minister of the Interior Alexander Avon-Bevin
High Lord Exchequer of the Treasury Christopher Crighton   LibD
Minister of War and Veterans Affairs Marcel Le Bretton   Lab
Minister of Justice Clementine Attlee
Minister of Culture and Assimilation Andre Mon-Le Blanc   LibD
Minister of Information Corey Abton
Minister of Sport and Recreation Dorathy Benton

Council, Parliament & Government Structure

Wesmerite is a Parliamentary Republic.  The Wesmerite Government is made up of the elected Parliament of one house (elected by Universal Suffrage over the age of 16) of 389 seats.  100 seats are determined by proportional representation, the other 279 are determined by the traditional first past the post system: with one member representing one riding on average of 150,000 people.  The majority party, or coalition of parties, may form an executive Council (known as The Council or High Council) and appoint members to run the ministries and advise the Parliament on legislation and executive matters.  The Council rules as long as it has the support of the Parliament.  The Head of State is the Lord President of the Council and the Head of government is the Chancellor of the Council. To have majority control of Parliament one needs the confidence of 195 MPs.


Elections for Parliament and the Council were held on July 26th 301

The Political Parties of Wesmerite
Party Symbol Party Name Party Leader Party Policy Summary Website Seats

The Anarchist Socialist Alliance (ASA)

Nickolas Deridgerson

The ASA believes in a truly free Wesmerité society and works towards the end of poverty, exploitation of the people (in all it's forms) and to fight corporate rule in all areas of society.  Establishment of true libertarian socialist democracy is the only path for Wesmerite.  Long live the Fighters!  N/A


The Communist Party of Wesmerite (CPW)

David Troyer

The creation of a pure communist state for the benefit of all Meritéans.  With a central planning committee and nationalization of all industry will ensure material as well as political equality for all.  Only our party's leadership, and no one else's, can ensure the survival, freedom and prosperity of Wesmerite working class.   N/A


The Wesmerite Labour Party (Lab)

Clementine Attlee

The party for the worker and the unions of Wesmerite.  The WLP works to ensure that all industrial and farm labours concerns and demands are heard and looked after in Wesmerite politics.  Workers need their fair share and we will fight for it!  Solidarity forever.   N/A


The Liberal Democratic Society (LibD)

Lady Sarah Jacobs

The Liberal Democrats agenda will ensure that the new economy benefits all citizens and that no one is left behind.  We are for a Just Society.  We will marshal the resources of the national government to provide leadership, set bold new goals, and ensure that we have the means to achieve them.  The Liberals will give Wesmeritéans a stronger country, a more successful economy, and a better society.  All in preparation for unification of Meritéan lands.   N/A 159

Wesmeria People's Front (WPF)

Norman Mu Lai Pon

 The WPF is the only party that is Conservative, yet Progressive party: this combination can bring prosperity and unity to Wesmerité!  The WPF would:  Strengthen Wesmerité's communities, build a vibrant economy and govern with integrity by the laws of natural justice.  Through trade liberalization, a constitutional monarchy, an effective education plan and a low tax system.  Slow, positive change you can trust. N/A 138

No Name Party of Wesmerite (NNP)

W. B. Davison

Most political parties promise one thing then carry out another secret agenda once elected.  The No Name Party is different: we believe in honesty, we don't lie, we keep our policies secret and ambiguous.  We work for the best interest of the nation, we assure you, that is all you need to know.  We are the best and most intelligent people in Wesmerite so trust us and let the Professionals do it. Vote No Name: Authority you can trust!  here


National Commonwealth (NC)

Lord St. Basil Broadbent

The National Commonwealth believes that only under firm leadership can the Meritéan people realize their destiny.  For too long we have been the play thing of great powers it is time to reclaim our rightful place. Peace, Order and Good government and a unified, prosperous, happy and secure nation: That is what we want that is what we'll have!   N/A